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Mind map of the Russian Influence Campaign on the US 2016 Presidential Elections

There is a myriad of information, along with conflicting views of whether and how Russia influenced the 2016 US Presidential elections. With multiple stakeholders on both sides of media and intelligence agencies attempting to convince or confuse the populace, the issue gets complicated to make sense of even the basic aspects of this information war.

So we mapped out a simplified version of the issue.

Russian Information Influence Campaign



  • This map gives the basic information on purpose, strategy and tactics allegedly used by Russia.
  • It does not include all information that’s public regarding this issue. We will include more information as I continue to work on it based on its relevance.
  • The goal is get a basic grasp on  the issue for a better understanding of the current geo-political climate.
  • This is part of a bigger research project about Indian vulnerabilities to foreign influence such as the above.

What vulnerabilities does India face? Who has the most to gain from interfering in our affairs? Do they have the capacity to do so? What are the triggers or indicators that can give away their positions? How can we safeguard from such interference?

We welcome your comments and suggestions on this.

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